Two Cheeky Bunnies

We have had an absolutely wonderful Easter weekend. I love Easter, next to Christmas it is my favourite holiday with all it's joy and symbolism in tribute to our Saviour, Jesus Christ. With Spring finally beginning in Nova Scotia the concept of new life and hope feels all the more real. Our little family's traditions have formed over the years and have culminating into lots of delicious food and fun for the entire weekend. Carrot cake, hot cross buns, lamb and salads were made and shared with our new friends the Spears family and we had lots of time to enjoy leftovers all weekend between play time with the kids. 

Levi put the outdoor furniture on the deck, perfect timing for some beautiful sunny days that we took advantage of soaking up. He also got out the trampoline which the kids love, particularly when Daddy comes on and thinks up games that leave everyone laughing, squealing and out of breath. 

There is always lots to do around the house so we got busy with the necessities of life but I also found time to make a little Easter dress for Primrose out of some bunny fabric I had been saving for the occasion. I love taking on a new pattern, I always learn alot and feel like I've gained so much from the experience. It's also beautiful to see my little girl in a dress I made with love just for her. She loved it! 

Easter morning was very exciting for both kids this year. The Easter bunny in our house is actually Peter Rabbit, this evolved naturally as they know him from his books so well that I guess they assumed it was him! This year he left paw prints which literally made Finley gasp and lots of eggs which have started to get trickier to find. I'm still putting popcorn and blueberries in the eggs but some chocolate has made it's way into the hunt, they are still too young to think they are being ripped off! Finley wanted to dress as Peter himself for church so both kids wore their special Easter outfits and bunny ears and brought big smiles to everyone's faces. 

We had a lovely day at church and it was nice to reflect on what it means to me to have the gospel in my life. To know with assurity that I have a Saviour, who gave his life for me that I may not only live to the fullest here on Earth but also live again. To know that death holds no bounds and that my family is eternal is the greatest of gifts. To think of Mary at the tomb that day, mourning her Saviour only to find him standing before her alive, it's something to hold fast to, that gives direction and purpose and I'm so grateful that I know, really know that the gift is real.  

Easter, what a magical, beautiful time. 

Count to Five

Finley is five! And five means big things. It means school is fast approaching, that Finley is starting to read and write, that he gets to have his room rearranged and that he now has a big boys bike. Finley has taken turning five very seriously. Of his own accord he is attempting to stop sucking his fingers when he goes to bed, to say to his own prayers each night, to not complain and to do his best at listening. And he is doing great! 

This year he really wanted to have a dress up party with his friends so we organised a Ninja Turtle party with 5 of his friends and their siblings. We played some old fashioned games like musical chairs and pass the parcel and the kids had a great time together eating mainly, blowing out the candles, each in turn as it was such a hit and opening Finley's presents. The party was a bit overwhelming at first for him but he loved it in the end, particularly for the presents which I think was his reason for wanting the party in the first place! Very clever. He was very lucky and was given a light saber, a transformer, lego and some other great things. We gave him a bike this year and some roller blades to practice for the hockey season coming up. 

He is a complete individual our Finley. He is adventurous and eager to get good at things and to win. He is active and loves gymnastics and to run, jump, ride, skate, blade and scoot. He is doing wonderfully at reading and most exciting to Levi and I is that he loves it, he wants so desperately to be able to do it on his own and find out what is inside all of these books! He is a good friend and well liked at school, many of the girls want to marry him, which concerns him, he doesn't want to take that on right now he says. He always tries his best at school and church to do what is right but naturally at home he likes to relax a bit! Though he is almost always kind to his sister Primrose and they are great friends and playmates as long as Prim doesn't interfere with his lego or colouring in of which he is most fond. Finley loves to sing, he loves cats and to dress up and just like his mum he loves sleep and to stand by the fire and get warm. He also loves Canada but misses Australia, mostly for his cousins and grandparents. His favourite books right now are the critter books - Just me and my ... etc. His favourite foods are pesto pasta, pineapple iceblocks, pancakes and smoothies. Finley is a thinker, a dreamer and a doer, he wants to take over cooking dinner permanently, have guests over all the time and he really wants another brother or sister!

We love you Finley, age Five.