Little Doll

This treasure of ours. Primrose is 15 months now and is on the go! She has almost mastered walking this past week. She has been cruising since before she was 1, but a pigeon toed foot has been tripping her up and she has just figured her way around it. Her crawl is impressively fast so she also hasn't seen the need. My affinity for putting dresses on her made her develop a spider crawl on hands and toes as to avoid getting caught up and she can move fast! Like everything else in her little life she exhibits impressive perseverance. She has a will of iron and it can take some tricky resourcefulness to distract her from anything she has set her mind on, be in taking bows out of her hair or climbing anything and everything. 

Our little miss has an independent spirit and will happily take off on adventures exploring the house. I often find her at the bookcase reading, or in my closet trying on shoes. She loves to get into Finley's room when he is not there and play with his toys too. Finley and Primrose are wonderful friends and playmates. Wherever Finley is, Primrose will follow. She doesn't always understand his impatience with her meddling but for the most part all she wants to do is be right there with him in the fun. 

Primrose has a great sense of humour and a cheeky laugh. Her favourite is poking people, or hearing them sneeze. She loves singing and can hum a little of 'twinkle twinkle' already and claps whenever music comes on. She is always happy to see her family and gives great hugs and sloppy kisses. She has been working on the 'smooch' sound of a kiss and is almost there. 

Her favourite toys are her rolling sheep, broooming cars, her tea pot and her babuska dolls and she loves to see real animals. She is a wonderful sleeper and goes to bed each night, fingers in mouth just like her brother and cuddles her bunny doll the night through. 

Our beautiful Rose has a gentle spirit and a kind heart, matched with a strong little character that we love. Don't grow up to fast little doll xx

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