It's Fun to be One

Our sweet Rose turned one yesterday. She was none the wiser to the occasion but she did love the singing, balloons and extra attention that we all showered on her. We started the day with one of her favourites, pancakes and strawberries and then went for a walk to check out if we can swim in our lake yet – a yes from Finley, who went straight in but a no from the rest of us who sat and watched on. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with temperatures rising to 27 degrees (which feels really hot to us now that we are Canadians). It was a great day to be outside and Primrose spent lots of it practising her stair skills on the deck, digging in the dirt, playing on the trampoline and eating flowers – a new favourite activity of hers. If this girl is free to explore and can take breaks for snacks, she is very content.

Everyone humoured mummy with 30 minutes of photo taking to capture our little one year old. I love practising getting pretty pictures of the kids, staged they may be, with 50 shots necessary to get just one of them clear and how I’d like it! I’ll get there. And then our darling girl took a nap while I finished off her cake. I was struck with inspiration for her cake the day before her birthday. I remembered a cake my mum had made me when I was a little girl and thought I'd go about recreating it.I guess my cake making mantra is 'I reckon I can manage that!' but truth be told cake decorating is really hard! I think my mum's version turned out much classier, but as a last minute effort I think mine turned out okay, if not straight out of a 90's Women's Weekly cake book. 

We have created a nice little set of birthday traditions now. We do a banner, balloons and a special cake, the kids get their favourite meal and we try to make it a fun day all about them. For gifts Prim got her own little talking bird, which you can record message that are then repeated back to you in a bird voice! Her favourite is 'I love you Prim!'. 

We do love our Prim. She is known in our house as Primrose, Rose, Prim, Miss Rosie-roo, Primeroozel and Lollipop. She is full of life and laughter, she finds everything funny and is very easy to please. She has an independent spirit, she loves exploring and creating her own fun, but loves to find her way back to us for kisses and cuddles. If she happens to pass a stuffed toy she stops in for a cuddle from them too.  She is very determined, when she wants something, she really wants it, when she is upset, she is really upset but she can easily be distracted and redirected to something new too. One of her favourites is looking out the window at the world passing by. She is incredibly tactile and will stop and take time to feel her surrounds. Sometimes she will be crawling along but will stop to lay and rub her face against the carpet or grass! She loves to play amongst the clothes in our closets, or when we shop, and run the fabric through her fingers. Hair is another favourite, feeling and brushing ours and her own. 

On her birthday she stood alone for the first time and we think walking isn't too far away. She has a speedy crawl that is getting her by for now and she has learnt to climb both up and down the stairs and loves us pretending to chase her. Her favourite word is 'Bop' and her favourite person is her brother. She has some fun little quirks that we love. She really loves when you use a warm washer to wipe off her hands and face after meals, she thinks its a really special treat and looks up at us with a beaming face. She loves tipping over with the word 'timber!' and Daddy making her fly and land on our bed. Finley plays some games with her that she absolutely loves, like crawling between each others legs and hiding in home made cubbys. Both of the kids love books. Primrose just discovered them and one of her favourite things to do is to sit on her own and flick through the pages. The best are the touch and feel books, it's fun watching her rub her little hands across the pages. 

Motherhood doesn't always come easy to me, sometimes I feel like I'll go mad with the endless feeding, cleaning, feeding cleaning or when both kids lose it at the same moment and I wonder if I'm cut out for the job at all. But when I stop and really take the time to feel the joy, I feel it deep. Every baby is a miracle and as big as the task to care for them can be, it's also the most amazing experience of my life. Thanks for being my baby darling Rose. 

Fit for a Prim


I love creating my childrens' bedrooms. I remember when I was a little girl how much pride I took in my little space, I loved to line up my favourite things, stick things on the walls and sketch out how I would move furniture and make my perfect room. I took so much joy from glow in the dark stars on the roof, getting to have my own fish in my room and I can very clearly remember when my parents painted my room blue for me and hung up a princess canopy over my bed. I really loved my room! I even got to live in there with my husband for 18 months, but that's a story for another post! So maybe it is the nostalgia of my own childhood room that gives me to the desire to create beautiful spaces for my own children. To give them a little of the magic that I felt.

Creating this room for Prim was an absolute joy, it's amazing what you can create with a sweet idea, a bit of time and perusing the internet. I hand made the cloud mobile, change table blanket and rainbow garland and Levi built and painted the cloud shelf. We used the rug from Finley’s nursery and I gradually gathered other rainbow related items over the past year. It's fun and whimsical just like her and every morning when she wakes up we walk around and look at something new. She has wide eyes and looks in wonder, scheming as to how she can get it all down into her clutches!

Primrose is a wonderful sleeper (now) and she really enjoys going to bed. From when she was a tiny baby she preferred to sleep on her tummy, and even now, she will roll over, bottom in the air, insert her two sucking fingers (just like her brother!) and drift off. My love for my children is definitely the most intense when I see them sleeping. I'm really flooded with the magnitude of what I feel for them as I look at their relaxed little bodies and realise what a great privaledge it is that they are mine. 

Mexican Ship in Harbour

Last week a Mexican tall shipped docked in the Halifax Harbour and we got to go aboard! We went after church as it was the last opportunity we had before it left for the next leg of it's journey. I think we caused as much stir as the ship it's self, I'm not sure if the Haligonians aren't use to seeing people dressed up, or if they thought we were celebrities but we attracted lots of looks and attention - it was a bit weird! Anyway the Ship was incredible, so beautiful, clean and well maintained. They had Mexican music playing and the crew looking incredible in their finery. The kids and I went again the next day to see the ship off and the crew climbed the masts, standing regally as the ship took off, it was very cool to see. My friend Blanche was with us, she is Mexican and it was beautiful to see her pride for her country and the beautiful display they put on.

Lots of cool things like this happen in Halifax and add to how excited we are to live here and experience this beautiful part of the world. The Maritime may be asleep for 6 months of the year, but when they wake up they really wake up!