Fridays with Finley {22nd March 2013}

Dear loved ones, 

We hope this email finds you happy and well. We love and miss each of you. 

We've had a much needed and settled quiet week following Levi's work trip to Adelaide, which took him away the week before. Daddy's absence seem to cause a bit of a rebellion in Finley! He found his voice and started to exert some more independence. It made me very grateful for my husband and empathy for those who do it alone. I think we are fast approaching toddlerhood and I hope we are ready! 

Finley has reached a few milestones this week - he is almost feeding himself with a spoon, a necessity as he was refusing it from us. We've also moved him from his highchair to a seat with us at the table. He loves it! And it's nice to have a meal all together. He also pulled himself up to standing for the first time, which took quite a bit of exertion and he wasn't all that keen to repeat the process (see video - excuse the angle). He has persevered  though and is gradually mastering it. We don't think he will be walking before he is 1 as he seems quite content with his breast stroke crawl to get around. We will have to wait and see when he decides to takes the plunge. 

It is 1st Birthday central around here. Finley attended the first party for his little friends Ava and Tammy. It's quite hilarious watching 15 almost 1 year olds crawl all over each other. We are getting ready for Finley's turn, we are keeping it simple with a watermelon theme, a BBQ and a cake built out of watermelon and other fruit - hopefully the cake works out. It's hard to believe a whole year has passed already. 

Lots of love, 

Jade xo

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